The village is open every day between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

Rules and Politics

Article 1 - Interpretation

In the present bylaw, unless the context indicates a different sense, we understand by:

  1. "property" - a parking area, lot, building, moveable or immoveable of which the Corporation is the owner or which it operates itself or through a third party, including all vehicles, kiosks, roads, lookouts, welcome areas, waiting areas, ticket offices, and vegetation situated in the park;
  2. "admission ticket" - a valid access pass recognized by the Corporation;
  3. "guide dog" or "assistance dog" - a dog trained to guide or assist a handicapped person;
  4. "Corporation" - the Corporation du parc régional de Val-Jalbert, which is usually represented by its general director;
  5. "vehicles" - any vehicle used for the transportation of people, by or for the Corporation, including the cable car, or any vehicle used by a representative of the Corporation;
  6. "MRC" - the MRC du Domaine-du-Roy;
  7. "park" - the Parc régional de Val-Jalbert, meaning the totality of the land that makes up the park, and having been the object of a classification in virtue of the Cultural Heritage Act, R.S.Q. c. P-9.002;
  8. "handicapped person" - any person who suffers from a handicap according to the sense of paragraph g) of article 1 of the Act to secure handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights with a view to achieving social, school and workplace integration (R.R.Q., c. E-20.1);
  9. "representative" - a representative of the Corporation, linked thereto by an employment or service contract.

Article 2 - Access to the Park

Any person who accesses, spends the night in, circulates in, or takes part in an activity in the park must have a valid admission ticket. This ticket is delivered upon payment of the admission price determined by the Corporation.

The following persons do not require an admission ticket:

  • employees of the Corporation;
  • service providers, delivery personnel;
  • first responders;
  • any other persons exempted by the Corporation.

It is forbidden for any person to be in the park outside of the operating hours established by the Corporation.

In the campground, it is forbidden for any person, without the authorization of the Corporation, to drive a vehicle after the curfew hour established by the Corporation.

Article 3 - Security of People

Within the limits of the park, it is forbidden for any person to:

  1. cross a security barrier, or a barrier indicating the park limits, or to enter a zone that is off-limits to visitors;
  2. swim in ponds, streams or rivers, or to allow animals to swim in these waters;
  3. hunt or trap;
  4. carry or bring a weapon or similar object;
  5. throw or otherwise cause an object or a liquid to be projected onto another person;
  6. be in possession of an explosive or pyrotechnic substance, or any gas, liquid or other dangerous substance, or substance emitting foul odours;
  7. climb cliffs, walls, park equipment, shrubs or trees, fences, streetlamps or lampposts.

Article 4 - Peace and Order

Within the territory of the park, it is forbidden for any person to:

  1. hinder the free circulation of people by remaining stationary, prowling about, loitering, being an annoyance, or embarrassing other park visitors;
  2. disturb the public peace by screaming, blaspheming, swearing, whistling, or abusing or insulting other park visitors;
  3. refuse to move when asked to do so by a park representative;
  4. delay, disrupt or damage the normal operations of the park;
  5. move a sign, pictogram, poster, easel, fence, security cordon, or any similar object, without authorization;
  6. affix a sign, placard, poster, sticker or advertisement, for any purpose whatsoever, without authorization;
  7. manipulate or use a fire extinguisher, fire hose, alarm system, emergency brake, emergency exit or any other instrument or device clearly intended solely for the saving of property and persons in time of emergency, except in case of emergency and in conformity with the instructions for use of said instrument or device.
  8. manoeuvre or use, in any way whatsoever, an instrument, device or equipment the use of which is reserved for employees.
  9. enter or circulate in an area reserved for employees;
  10. have in one's possession alcoholic beverages, with the exception of:
    • alcoholic beverages sold in the park by an authorized retail outlet, which must be consumed at the place of sale;
    • alcoholic beverages in the possession of an occupant of a campsite unit or lodging, which must be consumed within the said campsite unit or lodging.
  11. park a vehicle in an area outside of the areas specifically reserved for vehicle parking;
  12. camp or erect any shelter, except in areas designated for that purpose.

Article 5 - Integrity of Property

Within the territory of the park, it is forbidden for any person to:

  1. defile park property by leaving behind garbage, paper, liquid or any other refuse other than in garbage cans or other containers provided for this purpose;
  2. make, affix or engrave an inscription, drawing, graffiti, "tag," sticker, or any figure whatsoever to park property;
  3. damage park property, or to cause it to malfunction, or to modify it in such a way as to prevent or limit its normal operation;
  4. throw or cause an object or liquid to be thrown onto park property;
  5. damage or destroy park landscaping.

Article 6 - Vehicles

It is forbidden for any person to:

  1. delay in any manner the departure of a vehicle, or to hinder its movement;
  2. board a vehicle or to disembark while a vehicle is moving;
  3. cling to the exterior of a vehicle or to climb onto its roof;
  4. pass an object or a part of one's body through the doors or windows of a vehicle while the vehicle is moving;

Article 7 - Noise and solliciation

Within the territory of the park, it is forbidden for any person, unless they have the authorization of the Corporation, to:

  1. perform music, sing, or provide entertainment;
  2. request or collect donations, alms, or other benefits;
  3. sell or rent goods or services or to exhibit or distribute goods or services;
  4. conduct surveys, polls or other studies of this type, or to request or collect signatures;
  5. exhibit, offer or distribute a book, newspaper, pamphlet, leaflet, brochure, or any other printed material;
  6. operate a microphone, loud-speaker or other similar device.

Article 8 - Fire and Smoking

Within the territory of the park, it is forbidden for any person to light a fire, with the exception of:

  • occupants of the campground, provided the fire is lit in a designated area, and provided the fire safety index permits it.

It is forbidden to smoke in any park building.

Article 9 - Animals

In or on a park building or vehicle, it is permitted for someone to be accompanied by a guide dog or an assistance dog provided that the dog is required by that person in relation to a handicap, or by a guide dog or service dog in training.

In all other circumstances, it is forbidden to be in the park with an animal or to permit that an animal be present, with the exception of in the campground, where dogs and cats are authorized, provided they are kept on a leash or in a cage at all times. Dogs are not allowed in mini cottage.


Article 10 - Exemption

The prohibitions set out in the present bylaw do not apply to the representatives of the Corporation, when their duties authorize these persons to act in a manner that would otherwise be forbidden under the present bylaw.

Article 11 - Infraction

Any person contravening the regulations set out in articles 2 to 9, or disregarding a ban on entering the park, as set out in article 12, is committing an infraction and liable to the following:

  1. in the case of an infraction of one of the terms of articles 2, 4 i) to 4 l), 7 or 9, a fine of $200.00 for the first infraction and $400.00 for a repeat offence;
  2. in the case of an infraction of one of the terms of articles 3, 4 a) to 4 h), 5, 6, 8, or in the case of someone disregarding a ban on entering the park, as set out in article 12, a fine of $500.00 for the first offence and $1,000.00 for a repeat offence.

Article 12 - Responsibility and Application of the Bylaw

The general director and the director of maintenance of the Corporation, the director of urban planning of the MRC, the municipal inspector of the municipality of Chambord, and peace officers are empowered to see to the application of the present bylaw. These persons exercise all of the powers conferred by the present bylaw, and are authorized to:

  • prohibit anyone from entering the park, when doing so is necessary to maintain order or to protect life, security or property, or to enforce the present bylaw;
  • exclude from the park anyone contravening the present bylaw;

The MRC authorizes the director of urban planning of the MRC, the municipal inspector of the municipality of Chambord, and peace officers to issue fines to anyone who contravenes one of the terms of the present bylaw.

Article 13 - All Recourse

Besides recourse before the courts, the MRC may exercise all recourse necessary to enforce the terms of the present bylaw.

Article 14 - Entrance Into Force

The present bylaw enters into force in conformity with the law.

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