CLOSED on Friday February 3, 2023. Back on Saturday February 4 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.!

Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

Tarification carte de saison hivernale 2022-2023

This season, all types of visitors will be rewarded at Val-Jalbert Historic Village!

Whether it's lodging for those looking for extra comfort, camping for lovers of the great outdoors, or activities for those visiting for the day, Val-Jalbert Historic Village has a range of fees for accommodations and services that will help make your stay as enjoyable as possible!

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Season pass

Summer season pass
Season pass _ Individual - Winter (walk& slides) 2022-2023 30.44 $
Season pass _ family - Winter (walk and slides) 2022-2023 60.88 $
73.71 $
121.11 $
150.47 $
253.10 $
45.66 $
36.53 $
63.93 $
127.85 $
82.19 $
205.48 $

Taxes not included

Period of Operation 2023

MapsMap of the Historical Village and camping
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