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Authentic "Company Town" of the 1920s

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95, rue Saint-Georges
Chambord (Québec)
G0W 1G0

Information and reservations

418 275-3132

Toll free
1 888 675-3132 (sans frais)

418 275-5875


How to get there?

Latitude : 48.444341880777145
Longitude : -72.16118102952578

Administrative staff of the Historic Village of Val-Jalbert

Patrick Savard General manager
Linda Fortin Operations Coordinator
François Lavoie Finance director
Charles Desbiens Sales marketing and IT coordinator
Élise Hudon Thibeault Curator
Karine Villeneuve Responsable réservation logistique et TI
Éric Corbin Directeur aux infrastructures et bâtiments
Gilbert Nault chef
Francis Lavoie Maître d'hôtel
Patricia Labonté Campground manager
Céline Poitras Reception manager
Nathalie Thibeault Governess
Martin Cloutier Interpretation and Special Activities Supervisor
Karine Perron Gift Shop Supervisor
Claude Ouellet Horticulturist

Jobs opportunities

Interested in working at Val-Jalbert? Join our team! We are passionate about history, nature and culture, and committed to providing outstanding customer service.

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95, rue Saint-Georges
Chambord (Québec)
G0W 1G0

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